Saturday, May 16, 2009

Where oh where has my people counter thingie gone...........?

I was puttering around my blog, adding some blog candy I found when I scrolled down and *gasp* people thingie that counts the visitors to my blog is gone! The horror of it all! I know it was over 700 (okay okay......500 of those MIGHT have been my own visits)......but still! *insert whine here* :o)
Now I have to figure out how to add it again. I still haven't figured out how to get the "blinkie" from Gina K's Stamp TV here so I'm gonna just post a link here. AMAZING site with great tutorials from the uber(always wanted to use that word) amazing Gina K! Lots of challenges over there as well, and I won a Gina K stamp set for participating in a challenge with the summertime card in my last posting. YEAH ME!!
off to seek and find a new counter thingie..........Hope everyone has a great Saturday!!

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Sunshine said...

Check out my blog!!!

Its pretty basic right now..but i will fix it up as time goes by. Also with some help from you!! LOL!!